SPX 2017 Lottery Registration Form

Welcome to the SPX 2017 Lottery Registration!


Please read this stuff first!

To enter the table lottery, please complete the form below (after reading this first, of course).

Once you complete the form, you will receive an email immediately asking you to confirm your email. You MUST confirm your email or else you will not be registered for the lottery. Once you confirm your email, you will be registered.

If you’ve applied for the SPX lottery in the past, you may then be waiting for a randomly generated six-digit number. We are NOT doing that this year. You will only receive one email asking you to confirm who you are. If you don’t see the message saying you’re confirmed, feel free to shoot us an email and we’ll double check for you.  Exhibitors will be selected in a random order not associated with randomly generated six-digit numbers this year, ensuring a more randomized process for all.

Please keep an eye on your SPAM inbox as well for your email confirmation notice!

There is no pro/con to applying early or late – anyone registering in the period between February 10 and February 24, 2017 has the same chance. We will not even begin to select folks until the lottery has officially closed.


A Few Notes


The Rules of the Road

We will be enforcing these lottery registration rules, so please read them carefully!

1. One lottery entry per person.

2. For your lottery entry, please use the name you will want to go into the Program Guide and on the SPX Exhibitors web page. If you prefer to be listed in the program and website by your publishing imprint, you will be able to select this as an option in the payment process after the lottery selection is made.

3. Tables can only be transferred or assigned to a table-mate whose badge is registered for the winning table(s) at the time the payment is made.

4. Payments for tables won in the lottery must be made by April 21, 2017. Tables not paid for by April 21 will be released to the Wait List.

5. By participating in The Table Lottery you are agreeing that the SPX Steering Committee will serve as the sole arbiter for any penalties resulting from misconduct during your participation in the SPX Table Lottery. In response to incidents of cheating SPX reserves the right to exclude the offending entrants from future table lottery participation and SPX show promotional materials. Please follow the rules, play fair, and uphold the community spirit that makes this show fun to put on and participate in.


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THANK YOU for wanting to participate in SPX 2017!

You (yes, you!) are what makes this show so great, and we can’t wait to see as many of you as possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at EXHIBITORS@SPXPO.COM and we will get right back to you with answers.


Please remember: You MUST confirm your email or else you will not be registered for the lottery. Once you confirm your email, you will see a notification saying that you’re confirmed.

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