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Announcing the Small Press Expo Comic and Comic Art Web Archive at the Library of Congress

Bethesda, Maryland; September 16, 2017 

In August 2011, the Library of Congress announced an agreement with Small Press Expo that allows the Library to acquire independent comics and cartoon-art forms—material that it does not receive through copyright deposit. The Library’s comic-book collection, housed in the Serial and Government Publications Division, is the largest in the United States. It contains more than 120,000 pieces and grows by 200 issues every month, in large part due to copyright deposit. Many small presses and self-published creators, however, do not avail themselves of the opportunity to deposit copies of their publications at the Library.

The Small Press Expo Collection

The Small Press Expo Collection at the Library of Congress was established to preserve the history of both the artistic output of the creators who come to SPX, as well as the art that SPX itself generates as part of its yearly festival. According to the agreement, the Library will receive the Ignatz Award nominees in the various print categories, as well as other selected comics and cartoon art. The Library also will receive SPX posters, banner ads and festival ephemera. In addition, selected websites—including the winner of the Ignatz Best Web Comic, sites that document the activities of SPX and those of recognized online comic creators—will be reviewed for the Library of Congress Web Archiving Collection, to allow collection of work that is only presented digitally.

The Web Archive

Made available to the public in September 2017, the newly launched Small Press Expo and Comic Art Web Archive includes the website of the festival itself, as well as Ignatz Award nominees and winners. Since 1997, the Small Press Expo has awarded the Ignatz Awards – named for the character in the classic comic strip Krazy Kat by George Herriman – to recognize outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning in a variety of categories. The award for Outstanding Online Comic, established in 2001, includes a wide variety of webcomic styles and subjects, such as diary/autobiographical comics, long form stories, single comic panels/strips, fantasy comics, and others.

These selected sites are continuously archived over time to create an archival record of the website – some archived sites may still have an active web presence, changing and evolving, while others now exist only in the archive as they appeared at the time they were nominated for the Ignatz Award. The content of these websites is captured as it was originally produced and may include content that is not suitable for all ages.

About the Small Press Expo

The Small Press Expo (SPX) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit created in 1994 to promote artists and publishers who produce independent comics. SPX hosts an annual festival that provides a forum for artists, writers and publishers of comic art in its various forms to present to the public comic art not accessible through normal commercial channels.