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6-Commando Season 1: Last Night Was The End Of The World

6-Commando Season 1: Last Night Was The End Of The World

Mathieu Moyen

SPX Table J-14


Published by Zavtra-Meknød-Komîik HELLO!¡

Adults Only

Category: Sci-Fi

In an alternate year 1997, the United Nations Alliance and the Federated Socialist Republics are fighting a vicious Cold War. On the front line of an escalating crisis in Africa, the UNA’s elite 6th Multinational Command has a secret weapon – a “Rumbler,” a gigantic, artificially intelligent tank named Mike designed to do one thing: to win, no matter the cost. Bristling with weapons and armored to withstand an atomic strike, Mike is well equipped to carry out his mission, even if there’s nobody left on the battlefield but him and his enemy. But when a rescue mission accidentally turns into a larger conflict, Mike begins to carry out his orders in ways nobody predicted, using abilities nobody can explain. Only Major Sarah Bronniford, who Mike was sent to rescue, holds the key to unlocking the mystery of Mike’s strange new behavior, and possibly to ending the conflict… if she survives.

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