Anchovius Caesar: The Decomposition of a Romaine Salad

By Sarah Boxer (with additional drawings by Julius Boxer-Cooper)

SPX Table I12A


Published by Bunncoco Press (self)

All Ages

Category: Other

“Anchovius Caesar: The Decomposition of a Romaine Salad” is a cartoon remake of Shakespeare’s tragedy “Julius Caesar.” In this version the star of the show is an anchovy named Anchovius Caesar. The Roman citizens, who sway this way and that, cheering for Caesar one moment and Brutus the next, are played by romaine lettuce leaves. The countrymen are crouton-men. Mark Antony is a mock anchovy, a sprat. As we know from Shakespeare and history, the salad state cannot hold. Numerous creatures — Brutus, a weasel; Cassius, a crocodile,;Trebonius, a fluorescent pink sea slug (Triboniophorus); Casca, a deadly Cascabel rattlesnake; and a host of other killers — are on the loose. And Anchovius must die!