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Fuzzbuquet #4: “O” is for Ookem Spookems

Fuzzbuquet #4: "O" is for Ookem Spookems

Hobbes Holluck

SPX Table G10


Published by Self Published

All Ages and Children under 12

Category: Fantasy

Fuzzbuquet is an all ages fantasy story about a monster with a very large heart and a very small brain.

In this fourth chapter, Fuzzbuquet delves deeper into an otherworldly plot that could potentially destroy his world (and really put a damper on his cheese business)! With the help of the knowledgeable (and very persnickety) witch Mrs. Nibbienew, Fuzzbuquet will come face to face with denizens of the devilish dimension known as Ookem Spokems!

And elsewhere, Parcy Plundergas continues his narrow escape from the slime-covered clutches of his possessed uncle, Axe-Blaster Neon. Unfortunately for Parcy, his madcap escape finds him right smack dab in the middle of Bumblossom Bog (and they don’t call it BUM-blossom for nothing. Pee-Eeewww)!

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