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Hans Vogel is Dead: Vol. 1

Hans Vogel is Dead: Vol. 1

Sierra Barnes

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Published by Cast Iron Books

Adults Only

Category: Fantasy and History

The year is 1940, the Blitz is raging, and Hitler’s forces are sweeping across Europe.

At the front of the invasion is the victorious Luftwaffe, and at the front of the Luftwaffe is Hans Vogel: fighter pilot, ace, and recipient of the prestigious Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross medal. Young, painfully shy, and with the backbone of a jellyfish, Hans keeps his head down and does what he’s told – but something still feels… off.

One night on a routine raid, Hans experiences a freak radio malfunction, is separated from his unit, and is shot down and killed.

That’s where his problems start.

Hans finds himself carried out of his world by the Valkyrie Brynhildr, but instead of Valhalla, he’s brought to the mysterious Märchenwald, the world of the fairy-tales. Märchenwald has been transformed by the war Hans left behind and taken over by the malevolent and cruel Erlking, a monster who traps people within a sinister web of Stories. Stripped of everything he was and forced to confront the consequences of the evil he served, Hans finds himself faced with a choice: give in to the same evil a second time, or try and make things right.

Hans Vogel is Dead is an antifascist fairy tale with elements of historical fantasy about the power of narratives, the question of individual responsibility in a totalitarian regime, and the struggle to become a better person.

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