Little Ghouls Fortune Telling Cards & Zine

Coco Fox

SPX Table L7


Published by self published

All Ages, Children under 12, Middle School (9–12 years old), and Young Adult (13–17 years old)

Category: Fantasy and Other

MAGICAL DEBUT! The Little Ghouls Fortune Telling Cards & Zine (Halloween Edition) is the latest magical creation to come from Coco Fox. Each zine comes with a pack of 28 original Halloween inspired fortune cards. ‘Tis the season! The zine contains the fortunes associated with each card in the provided deck. This zine is the perfect little book to break out with friends, kiddos or even a way to engage with the mysteries of the universe by yourself. Light a candle and see what the magical Little Ghouls have to say with Coco Fox’s Fortune Telling Zine and Cards.