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Plastic Farm: Prune and Harvest

Plastic Farm: Prune and Harvest

Rafer Roberts with Andrew Cohen and Wendi Strang-Frost

SPX Table N4B


Published by Plastic Farm Press

Adults Only

Category: Autobiographical, Diary, Fantasy, Horror, Other, and Sci-Fi

The final volume! Finally!

Once upon a time, I wrote, drew, and published over SEVEN HUNDRED pages of a comic called PLASTIC FARM before abandoning it in favor of actual paying gigs. But now, eight years after walking away mid-storyline, I skipped right to the end and finished the dang thing!

PLASTIC FARM follows the life of a man named Chester, his slow descent into complete insanity, and how that madness reshapes the world around him. Chester had a rough childhood, has a magic cowboy that rides a dinosaur living inside his head, and is now, late in life, sitting in a nameless airport bar telling his life story to a group of people who really couldn’t care less.

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