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Precious Rubbish Vol 2. No. 2

Precious Rubbish Vol 2. No. 2

Kayla E.

SPX Table N11B


Published by Self-published

Adults Only

Category: Autobiographical and LGBTQ+

Precious Rubbish Volume 2 Issue 2 is the latest edition of a series of self-published mini-comics excerpted from Precious Rubbish, Kayla E.’s full-length experimental graphic memoir, set to be published by Fantagraphics in 2024. Precious Rubbish is an account of a childhood shaped by maternal emotional dysregulation, poverty, and sexual violence. Formally, it pulls heavily from the aesthetic codes of post–World War II children’s comics, and the narrative is presented as a collection of semi-linear gag strips and single-panel cartoons punctuated by interactive elements like paper dolls, games, and puzzles. This comic is assembled, signed, and editioned (out of 200) by the artist.

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