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Professor Foxglove’s Fungal Fantasia

Professor Foxglove’s Fungal Fantasia

Juniper Kim

SPX Table D11A


Published by Self-Published

Adults Only, All Ages, Middle School (9–12 years old), and Young Adult (13–17 years old)

Category: Other

“Professor Foxglove’s Fungal Fantasia” is a little zine that tells the story of an ethnomusicologist (who is a fox) wandering into the woods to study the musical cultures of fungi. It starts off real nice, but he ends up encountering some scary stuff, such as a death-cult hive mind slime mold jam band. Some say it’s a cautionary tale about not eating wild mushrooms you can’t ID. Others say it’s a cautionary tale about out-of-touch academics who don’t respect the living cultures that they study — doubly doomed, indeed!

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