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Punk Taco 2: Big Problems

Punk Taco 2: Big Problems

Adam and Makana Wallenta

SPX Table H3


Published by Adam Wallenta Entertainment

All Ages

Category: Other and Sci-Fi

The adventure continues in the second volume of Punk Taco that follows the 2019 “Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel” Ringo Award-winning Punk Taco Volume 1. Punk Taco and the band have been kidnapped and brought to a planet in an unknown part of the universe that is being threatened by a giant so enormous, that our heroes are the size of ants in comparison. Despite their small size and the impossible odds they face together, Punk Taco must inspire new friends and allies to stand tall, join forces, and let their voices be heard, before the giant destroys their planet. Action, adventure, and humor abound in this tale of inner strength, unity, and friendship created by Adam Wallenta and his 10-year-old son, Makana.

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Punk Taco is a lovable, sentient space-taco, who rocks out across the universe with his band of misfits spreading peace and love through their music, while battling evil bullies and helping those in need. It is a story about friendship, empathy and compassion and doing the right thing against impossible odds.

Punk Taco was created by Adam Wallenta and his 5-year-old son Makana. This first volume follows the adventures of Punk Taco as he helps a new friend find his family and save the galaxy from an evil tyrant. Punk Taco blends humor, science-fiction, and action to create an exciting adventure series for young and old alike, who love inspiring characters, and beautiful sequential art.

If you or your kids love original graphic novels and comic books like Hilo, Smile, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea, Dog Man, Zita the Space Girl and Mighty Jack, or Amulet, you will love Punk Taco.

2019 Ringo Award Winner for Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel

2019 Kids Comics Award Winner for Best Sci-Fi or Fantasy Book

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