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Romeo X Julien: First Date

Romeo X Julien: First Date

Mary Dumas

SPX Table D10


Published by self

Adults Only

Category: LGBTQ+ and Other

Romeo X Julien: FIRST DATE is yet Another retelling of Will Shakespeare’s famous play (itself a retelling of an older story). Romeo Montague is just bored enough to attend a ren-faire with his cousin, Benny. And he’s just attracted enough to a beautiful stranger to get a kiss, and oh WHAT A KISS!!! What will happen when he realizes that the loveliest girl in the room is one Julien Capulet, a male event coordinator, who likes to wear renaissance gowns?

As a point of interest there will only be 25 books with the exclusive Small Press Expo cover. the rest available will be from the last Amazon KDP printing before we got kicked off that platform for adult content. (Which, yes, we’ve brought to the attention of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.)

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