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Star Wheel: Chapter 1

Star Wheel: Chapter 1

Kristin Ousley

SPX Table W17B


Published by Self-Published

All Ages

Category: Fantasy and LGBTQ+

When ambitious Vic’s graduate research leads them to the infamous Camor Desert, they know they need to hire some help. Tam, a desert guide living near the edge of the Camor, needs to land herself a new job. The two set out on their journey, with the trusty tricorn goat Prickle as their steed. They must all work together to survive the world’s harshest desert, and uncover the ruins Vic seeks. As they traverse through sandstorms, harsh heat, and wild animals, they might learn their different worlds are more similar than they first thought.

Star Wheel is a fantasy adventure comic currently updating every Tuesday on, or once a month on both WEBTOONS and Tapas. This volume collects all of Chapter 1, in which our heroes set out on their journey together.

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