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The Complete Food Hates You

The Complete Food Hates You

D. Bradford Gambles

SPX Table W60


Published by Self-Published

All Ages

Category: Fantasy and Other

In every fridge, on every kitchen table and in every cavernous tummy a secret war is being waged. Which side will you choose?

The Complete Food Hates You is the final and complete collection of D. Bradford Gambles’ webcomic of the same name. After being forced awake from a frozen slumber, Pete the Meatball and meatball friends find themselves on unexpected and fortuitous journey for survival… all inside a human stomach! Watch in shock and awe as they fight for their very lives against roves of marauding food gangs, crazy dessert cults, traitorous kings and so much more in nearly 350 full color pages of glorious food on food violence (but not really that much violence… it’s for all ages)!

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