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The Monuments

The Monuments

Oliver Mertz, Michael Bracco, Mike Isenberg

SPX Table C14


Published by Automaton Press

Adults Only and Young Adult (13–17 years old)

Category: Fantasy and Sci-Fi

THE MONUMENTS is a 140-page mystery/adventure story from Oliver Mertz (FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE, MAYBE SOMEDAY), Michael S. Bracco (THE CREATORS, NOVO), and Mike Isenberg (FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE, FUBAR).

THE MONUMENTS is about a fantasy world in which four warring city-states are forced to come together to face a common enemy: giant mysterious mechs. Right before wiping out the entire civilization, the mechs all power down for no clear reason, leaving the survivors to rebuild their world together.

800 years later. The world has moved on. The city-states are now united as one nation: a land littered with massive robotic relics that serve as monuments to a long-forgotten war.

After centuries of dormancy, one of these long-frozen mechs suddenly powers up, revealing a man who is confused, misplaced in time, and still very much alive.

“Enthralling. The Monuments combines all that I love most – a deep mystery combined with giant mechs. Must read!”
– Amy Chu (Red Sonja, Poison Ivy)

“Through a thousand years of a land’s epic history, The Monuments weaves a must-read story of loss, family, and how the desire for peace can end worse than any war. Oh, and giant robots. It’s got those too.”
– Conor McCreery (Kill Shakespeare, Assassin’s Creed)

“The Monuments is a breathtaking,
awe-inspiring story that is beautiful to behold and amazing to experience. A true anthem to imagination, creativity, and misfits.”
– David Gallaher (The Only Living Girl, Green Lantern Corps)

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