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Tien Fu Wu: Freedom Warrior, a comics biography

Tien Fu Wu: Freedom Warrior, a comics biography

Dawn Wing, MLIS

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Published by Water Pig Press

Adults Only and Young Adult (13–17 years old)

Category: History

The amazing life of Tien Fu Wu, freedom warrior, is filled with lessons of courage, tenacity and integrity, all taking place during the Chinese Exclusion Act era in the United States. In Wu’s stories, readers will encounter issues still relevant in today’s society with regards to the rights of immigrants and women.

This illustrated, researched narrative told through Wu’s perspective traces her roots in China (where she was born and eventually sold into child enslavement), then into her transformation as an anti-sex trafficking advocate for Chinese girls and women escaping forced prostitution in the United States. Wu’s tales of resilience and conscience in service to her faith demonstrates the the power of the human spirit in overcoming challenges we face individually and collectively.

Learn about Wu’s incredible life journey where she navigated uncharted territories, socially and politically, especially as a woman of Asian descent during her time in this full-color graphic narrative researched, written and illustrated by librarian/comics artist Dawn K. Wing who received the 2022 Minnesota State Art Boards Creative Support for Individuals grant to publish this book.

A portion of book proceeds will be donated to local community organizations supporting immigrant women/survivors of domestic abuse.

Paperback (Limited). 96 pages, full color. 8.5 x 6.5 inches

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