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Tye Leung Schulze: Translator for Justice

Tye Leung Schulze: Translator for Justice

Dawn Wing, MLIS

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Published by Water Pig Press

Adults Only and Young Adult (13–17 years old)

Category: History

Discover how Tye Leung Schulze defied gender and racial discrimination to become the first Chinese American woman to ever vote in a major US election. Learn about her unconventional life journey where she navigated uncharted territories, socially and politically, especially as a woman of Asian descent during her time in this full-color graphic narrative researched, written and illustrated by librarian/comics artist Dawn K. Wing.

Praise for “Tye Leung Schulze: Translator for Justice” –

“Dawn’s beautifully drawn and collaged book is an important addition to the diversity of U.S. immigrant experiences. Dawn uses Tye’s life to explore broader themes of women’s rights, xenophobia, and voter suppression. Her work is relevant to today’s world. It is a vital read for anyone who wants to learn more about how the legacy of systemic racism and anti-immigrant policies in the U.S. impact the lives of ordinary people. This should be required reading for middle- and high-school students.”

– Ebony Flowers, author of “Hot Comb”

“From a strong-willed little girl to an eccentric grandma, Tye Leung Schulze’s daily life is as intriguing as it is inspiring. The often-overlooked life of this Chinese-American hero and the author’s journey to uncover her legacy are chronicled by seamlessly combining drawings, collages, and photographs in this graphic biography. Meticulous, colorful, and so much fun to read.”

-Rumi Hara, author of “Nori”
A portion of book proceeds will be donated to women’s and immigrant advocacy organizations.

Paperback (Limited). 144 pages, full color. 9 x 6.5 inches
**Rated T+/ Teen Plus**

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