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higu rose

SPX Table N12A


Published by self-published

Adults Only

Category: LGBTQ+ and Other

Tonight everyone’s at the hottest party in town, and nobody wants to be there. Unsteady Seti Marimbe is doing his best to hide from the problems he’s made for himself. Kind-hearted Kit Kitterson is lost in a sea of cool punks who aren’t interested in anything he has to say. Simmering Sage Koski is having a philosophical breakdown that can only end in violence. Ill-mannered Isaiah Kitterson has decided not to bother showing up at all.

YINZ CITY is a collection of stories following four trans folks and their friends as they navigate found communities, awkward relationships, terrible part-time jobs and even worse parties. Seti, Kit, Sage, and Isaiah separately find their own ways to handle daily life as queer trans people of color living in a small city in western Pennsylvania.

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