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Young, Dumb & Queer: Love Game

Young, Dumb & Queer: Love Game

Al Varela

SPX Table F8A


Published by Self-Published

Adults Only

Category: LGBTQ+

The physical release of “Love Game”, the first chapter in the webcomic series, “Young, Dumb & Queer”! Pearl, Faith, Leslie, Tyler, and Maggie are a group of queer friends in the midst of their young adult lives, finding themselves through their identity and the relationships they form. Pearl grows a crush on Faith, who recently came out, and wants to ask her out on a date! Pearl’s best friend, Leslie, is skeptical of Pearl’s approach and worries they might embarrass themselves. But maybe she’s just worried Faith might have eyes for someone else… The start of a series full of queer drama and mending relationships with each other, and yourself!

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