SPX Exhibitors Welcome

Welcome Exhibitors!

This page contains helpful links and resources for SPX exhibitors. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at exhibitor-inquiries@smallpressexpo.com.

Get Registered

To get to this page you should have needed to register – if for whatever reason you’re seeing this page and didn’t register,  you can do this by clicking here. If you registered your email last year but don’t remember your password (we don’t blame you!) you can reset the password by clicking here.

Paying For Your Table(s)

Go to the SPX Shop to pay for your tables

Booking Rooms for SPX 2022

Rooms are $150/night ($133 for the room plus and additional $17 in state and local taxes)  Saturday night. You can make your hotel reservations here.

SPX 2022 Debuts

Stay tuned for information on Debuts this Summer.

Change Your Password on the SPX web site!

You can password at any time by visiting this page.