A Brief History of Crutonia

2019 DEBUT A Brief History of Crutonia
Book Author(s) Deborah Lang and Deborah Lang
Publisher Crutonian Chronicles
Book List Price $10
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site crutonia.com


Today, Crutonian society is led by a stable royal government and is relatively peaceful and profitable. However, this tranquility was grown from a foundation of a war-torn and tenuous past.   Here, you will find the tale of how Crutonia grew from this volatile time into a great civilization. This work, 40 pages in total, contains a 30 page illustrated story about the time of the Schlorgk, the rise of the new kingdom and tales of the present King. In addition, this book contains added information on notable individuals in Crutonia and beyond, as well as guest pin up art by New York artist Gregery Miller, Boston artists E. J. Barnes and Crispin Wood, and Chicago artist Paul Warner.