AER HEAD Kickstarter Preview Comic

2019 DEBUT AER HEAD Kickstarter Preview Comic
Book Author(s) Mindy Indy
Publisher Mindy Indy
Book List Price $2
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site


Teen surfer & lifeguard Aer struggles to control his ESP, until he predicts a solar flare will engulf Earth.

It’s X-men at the beach!

This is a 5 page preview comic from the middle of the 52 page book of sci-fi/comedy AER HEAD #1, all hand drawn and inked by Mindy Indy.  It shows different stages of the work in progress, but Mindy Indy needs your support in order to make the finished comic a reality through Kickstarter.  Everyone who pledges to Mindy Indy’s campaign at SPX will get this comic for FREE.  OR if you’d like to buy the comic for $2 and decide later, that’s cool too.  Many thanks and surf’s up!