Anarchy Dreamers Volume 2: A Girl Without A Face

2018 DEBUT Anarchy Dreamers Volume 2: A Girl Without A Face
Book Author(s) Emily Ree
Publisher Pronto
Book List Price $29.99
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Sparkly undead kids battle society’s worst Nightmares in this pastel-punk urban fantasy coming-of-age!
A world where resurrection is common and anthropomorphized Nightmares wreak havoc on reality. A school in the aftermath of a mysterious tragedy.
After the Massacre at Sacred Heart High School, six students are handed a magical destiny by the God of Dreams– if they fix their classmates’ Nightmares, it will guide them to the truth. But at what cost?

Saint Dorcas Day begins and the O’Malley twins’ Sweet Sixteen carries into the night! But as the party gets started, our heroes are incapacitated. Repressed memories boil up to the surface– and a particularly insidious Nightmare takes advantage of the situation. Will the kids see through the veil? Or will they be stuck in the never ending party forever?!

Full color.
Page Count: 144