Architecture of an Atom

2017 DEBUT Architecture of an Atom
Book Author(s) Juliacks
Publisher 2dcloud
Book List Price $44.95
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site


296 pages
7 × 10.9 inches
black fore edge printing
full color offset

With Architecture of an Atom, internationally recognized multi-disciplinary artist Juliacks brings her trans-media project to the print realm. Characterized by critics as a member of the immersive school of cartooning, she has sought to trouble the boundaries between fine art and comics throughout her career. A socially conscious, layered work in every sense of the word.

Excessive, mysterious, wonderful, Juliacks work takes the graphic novel to a new and more plastic dimension.
— Chris Kraus, I Love Dick, Torpor, Summer of Hate

Juliacks is a comic artist whose work—crude, ornate, subjective and dreamy—is not for those who prefer their narrative crisp and tidy.
— The New York Times

ARCHITECTURE OF AN ATOM is a long, deep breath before a dive. It’s a Piscean tale of survival, harrowing and surreal, a dreamlike escape, a delight. Dive into this pool of misfits and watch how wreckage becomes magic, hunger becomes adventure, and human questions about love, intimacy, and community unravel and manifest in beautiful washes of color. The language matches the vibrancy of the drawings and paintings that describes a cast of characters surviving on the brink of a disaster, in the end forming a magnificent poetic experience. 
— Sally Wen Mao, Mad Honey Symposium