Azzuldekkon – Book One

2015 DEBUT Azzuldekkon – Book One
Book Author(s) Alan Brown
Publisher Self-published
Book List Price $25.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
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In a dark and pitiless extradimensional plane we dimly know as Hell but whose inhabitants know as Kullbrool, in the Age of the Nathrac 5027, existance is ending. For a world populated by gangs of cruel devils, legions of prowling ghosts, and wretched, enigmatic monsters, there may be one chance for survival, one chance to escape, one demon who could save them all or save herself. Arnan Doon is an Azzuldekkon, a remnant warrior from a bygone band of hunters of celestial invaders who through the ages have sought to seize Kullbrool, how far will she go, what trials will she endure to survive? Devils, beasts, villains and fiends step through here at the gates of apocalypse, destiny, treachery, legend, blood, and all out war, to begin an odyssey of glory and pain!

Azzuldekkon is the second ongoing series by Alan Brown. Ovoyyamar, which has yet to conclude, debuted at SPX 2014.