Beyond The Moon

2014 DEBUT Beyond The Moon
Book Author(s) Frank Candiloro
Publisher FrankenComics
Book List Price $9.00
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Beyond The Moon is a 48 black and white/colour book by Frank Candiloro, dedicated to the wonders of early cinema and music, and how the two of them combine to create magic.

Two young girls, one without sight, the other without hearing, stumble into each other, discovering that they share a mutual pact through the things they\’ve loved and lost. An opportunity to go on a grand adventure in space lands in front of them, and a world of joys and wonders they never thought they\’d experience awaits them.

With a beautiful full colour cover and 48 magical pages, this is one book the whole family can enjoy!

48 pages, A5, black and white/colour. Published in Australia