Blood on the Tracks No. 3

2018 DEBUT Blood on the Tracks No. 3
Book Author(s) Written by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz. Illustrated by Brian Atkins, Colored by Brandon Daniels, Cover by Bryan Ward
Publisher Brain Cloud Comics
Book List Price $4.99
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Blood on the Tracks No. 3 (of 5)
“Switch Bored”

Written by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
Illustrated by Brian Atkins
Colored by Brandon Daniels
Cover by Bryan Ward
24 Pages
Full Color

Nina has grown tired and bored. She used to get a buzz from pulling a job, but now she is starting to feel nothing. And when you’re not on your toes, that’s when things start to go south. The thrill is gone, but one last joy ride to cap a career. What could possibly go wrong?