Blood on the Tracks – No. 5 (of 5)

2019 DEBUT Blood on the Tracks – No. 5 (of 5)
Book Author(s) Written by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz, Illustrated by Brian Atkins, Colored by Brandon Daniels, Cover by Bryan Ward
Publisher Brain Cloud Comics
Book List Price $4.99
All-Ages Appropriate No
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“Run Away Trained”

Written by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
Illustrated by Brian Atkins
Colored by Brandon Daniels
Cover by Bryan Ward


Billy always knows what to do. He’s the quarterback and he always has a winning play up his sleeve, ready-to-go. But what do you do when the game has already been won, the confetti has fallen, and the lights are about to be turned off? There is always another game… or is there? The thrilling conclusion to Blood on the Tracks starts and ends here.

BLOOD ON THE TRACKS is © Copyright 2016-2019 Carlos Gabriel Ruiz & Brian Atkins. All rights reserved.