Bowieknife: Meat

2016 DEBUT Bowieknife: Meat
Book Author(s) Rebecca Amyx, Megan Archer, Emily Clement, Alex Dalbey, Cameron Fontaine, Reed Hinckley-Barnes, Sam Majkrzak, Jason Marcy, Abigail Ott, Guy Thomas, Thomas Sorensen
Publisher This City Press
Book List Price $7
All-Ages Appropriate No
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In the new anthology from Milwaukee’s This City Press, eleven creators were given a single word, “meat,” and told to go wild with it. With eight stories that touch on horror, family, harassment, skateboards, and more, “Bowieknife: Meat” is spooky, funny, heartwarming, and thoughtful in ways that anyone can relate to and enjoy.

62 pages, black and white.