Book Author(s) Joel Sparks
Publisher Joel Sparks
Book List Price $5
All-Ages Appropriate No
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You are the Cat Heroes who must stop the Chaos Gods of other animals from conquering the world – and the humans will never know!

magine if H.P. Lovecraft and his followers had intuited a little of what’s going on in the cosmos… but missed some rather important details. For example, the hideous Powers that Be are not alien to Earth. They are in fact the gods of the animals, each vying to reign over all the other species and remake the world to suit. The amphibious cultists of Phatphroggua the Toad God promote climate change, hoping for a world of swamp. The followers of the Rat God conduct long, devious experiments on humans — from within laboratory cages. Doggone the Fish God seeks to drown the land. And so many more. All of them struggle to control humans and drive their own ends forward by supernatural means.

Meanwhile, cats value comfort more than anything else alive, and they have managed human behavior for millennia to create a nice, comfy, civilized world. In every cat society everywhere, heroes arise and accept the great task: Stop the other animal cults from influencing humanity, summoning horrible divine servants, and conducting rituals and plots even more dire. Perhaps worst of all are the one-time allies of the cats gone bad, like Hastpurr of Catcosa or even Great Catthulhu himself.

It’s a scary world. Good thing the humans don’t understand.