Comicverse: Subspace Chatter #1

2017 DEBUT Comicverse: Subspace Chatter #1
Book Author(s) Bianca Alu-Marr, Steve Peters
Publisher Awakening Comics
Book List Price $6.00
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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In Comicverse: Subspace Chatter #1, the Comicverse characters take a break from their comedic sci-fi adventures to do a nerd culture podcast, transmitted straight from the comic book shop on the Final Frontier. They review old sci-fi shows like Space:1999 and Star Trek: The Next Generation, tackle the latest comic book controversies (such as Captain America working for Hydra, the woman-only screening of the Wonder Woman movie, and Doctor Who being cast as a woman), and satirize indy comics (such as Max Ink’s Blink and Cerebus In Hell). 60 pages.