Comrade Cockroach Adventures

2014 DEBUT Comrade Cockroach Adventures
Book Author(s) Jared Axelrod
Publisher Jared Axelrod
Book List Price $5
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Step into the world of a D-list supervillian, as Comrade Cockroach tries and fails to succeed and destroying all that is good and noble in the world. A leftover from the Cold War, Comrade Cockroach keeps coming back to fight his nemesis older, but never wiser.

This comic features the thrilling tales:

  • The Definition of Insanity!
  • Comrade Cockroach vs The Bold Eagle!
  • Two Corpses!
  • The Secret Origin of Comrade Cockroach!

Plus excerpts from the webcomic “Ask Comrade Cockroach”