Deep Park

2013 DEBUT Deep Park
Book Author(s) David C Mahler
Publisher Pikitia Press
Book List Price $4
All-Ages Appropriate No
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What comic folk are saying about David C Mahler’s comics:

Howard Cruse – Hey, this guy Dave Mahler’s comics really speak to me!
Simon Hanselmann – David Mahler is utterly tenacious. He’s unstoppable. The hardest working cartoonist in Australia.
Marc Pearson – This David Mahler is the real deal.
Sam Wallman – Mahler’s comics like his eyeballs offer a rare & honest optimism.
A day at a theme park following a colourful cast of characters, getting up to all the usual shenanigans: fairy floss, carnival games, a hallucination inducing water slide, an orgasmic roller coaster worshiping cult, a PG&E-esque conspiracy and an internal terrorist plot.
32 pagesISBN:  978-0-9922895-4-6