2017 DEBUT Dépanneur
Book Author(s) Sophie-Anne Belisle
Publisher Self-Published
Book List Price $10
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site https://sophieannebelisle.tumblr.com/


*Dépanneur is how we call a convenience store in Quebec, Canada.

Dépanneur is a series of tragicomic tableaux based on my experience as an 18 years corner store cashier at Dépanneur Ste-Angèle in the infamous Ste-Cécile neighbourhood of Trois-Rivières, Canada. These tableaux present the strangely banal everyday life of the regular and irregular customers who frequent the establishment with whom I have developed a tender love-hate relationship. The tableaux also offer glimpses of family narratives that ties in the neighbourhood history as well as introspective excursions through the back alley of my mind.

The french versions of Tableau One and Two were created for number 9 and number 12 of Revue Planches respectively.