Earth Before Us: Mammal Takeover!

2019 DEBUT Earth Before Us: Mammal Takeover!
Book Author(s) Abby Howard
Publisher Abrams
Book List Price $15
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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In the third and final installment in the Earth Before Us series, Ronnie, a fifth grade girl, is taken back in time by her kooky neighbor Miss Lernin to discover the wonders of the Cenozoic.

When Ronnie bemoans her inability to withstand the winter chill and blames her ancestors for not evolving better protection against the weather, Miss Lernin takes her on a journey through the mysterious time after the dinosaurs, when our scampering mammalian ancestors took over the world. As they travel the continents, they see how the world which once belonged to the dinosaurs shifted and changed into what we know today, and how our species fits into the ecosystem.

Educational, funny, cute, and overall, a great read for any curious kid who wants to learn about Earth Before Us!