Earthbound Party!

2015 DEBUT Earthbound Party!
Book Author(s) Reilly Hadden, Chu, Stephanie Zuppo
Publisher self-published
Book List Price $12
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Earthbound Party! is a 60-page, full-color paperback anthology containing comics and illustrations created in tribute to the Super Nintendo video game Earthbound.

Contributors: CrayonChewer, Tom O’Brien, Tegan Robichaud, Stephen R. Bissette, Audry, Declan McCarthy, Elizabeth Simins, Bugbyte, Bridget Comeau, Chu, Kotaline Jones, Reilly Hadden, R.B. Miller, D. Rinylo, Carl Salbacka, Henry Guerra, Anna Craig, Fionn McCabe, Stephanie Zuppo, Rio Aubry Taylor, John Carvajal

The project was organized and produced by Blank Party!: a group of cartoonists who work together to make comics, anthologies, and video recordings dedicated to video games.