2016 DEBUT Exits
Book Author(s) Daryl Seitchik
Publisher Koyama Press
Book List Price $15.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://koyamapress.com/


Claire Kim hates herself and the world she lives in. Working at a mirror store, she shows customers their reflections and daydreams about erasing her own. One night, on her way home, she gets her wish. Follow Claire as she wanders invisibly through the city and her own psyche.

DARYL SEITCHIK was born in 1989 and currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. She is best known for her semi-autobiographical comic series, Missy, which earned her a nomination for the Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent in 2014. She is nocturnal.

“Seitchik’s comics are pensive, surreal and frequently moving. They read a bit like dreams, carefully laid out and seen through clear, wide-awake eyes.” — Luke Pearson, creator of the Hilda comics series and author of Everything We Miss