Feline Feelings #1

2015 DEBUT Feline Feelings #1
Book Author(s) Jenna Workman
Publisher self-published
Book List Price $8.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://jmawork.tumblr.com


Jenna Workman sifted through her many sketchbooks to curate Feline Feelings #1: a collection of 100+ cat-related drawings and comics from October 2010 – August 2015. Its 36 pages display a large range of artistic styles and drawings in various states—from digitally painted to simple rough sketches.

Feline Feelings #1 is Jenna’s first self-published zine. It debuts alongside I Get Homesick Sometimes But It’s O.K.: a 44 page collection of photos, daily diary comics, and drawings from her first months living in Austin, TX in 2014.

Find them both at half-table B8A.