Book Author(s) Carla Speed McNeil (w/a), Bill Mudron and Jenn Manley Lee (color)
Publisher Dark Horse
Book List Price $19.99
All-Ages Appropriate No
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The first FINDER in glorious full color! First serialized in DARK HORSE PRESENTS, this new volume takes FINDER’S nominal hero Jaeger into unexplored territory… a job with a paycheck.

Like Conan the Librarian, he is undoubtedly well-suited for his new employment as a courier. Imagine the most confusingly laid-out city you’ve ever been in: one-way streets with no partner street going the other way, thoroughfares that twist and bend with the banks of a river, tricky diagonal streets that date from horse-and-buggy days. Those are all lefts and rights and doubling-backs and two wrongs don’t make a right but three rights do make a left. Now add a third dimension: this city has vast multiple levels, so there’s also up and down to contend with, and it’s easy to see how a skilled courier might be a valuable commodity in this place.

But with any job, it’s not so much what the employed can bring to the position, but what the employer wants out of him. It’ll be an eye-opening experience, and a turning point for this acclaimed science fiction series.