Fool's Journey Issue #1: Stumbling

2013 DEBUT Fool's Journey Issue #1: Stumbling
Book Author(s) story by: Cynthi Marie Illustrated by: Jason Piraino
Publisher Stealing Shade Productions
Book List Price $0
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Like The Fool, numbered zero, and the first in line in the major arcana of the Tarot, Dee starts her journey aimlessly wandering forward, unaware of the cliff she’s about to step off of, and the journey she’s being pushed into. Chasing shadows, with no clear direction, Dee must navigate the supernatural world she finds herself immersed in, learning what she can from the ancient beings who casually toss her between themselves while they decide her fate. Will they kill her, because she may pose an unknown threat? Or will they fight among themselves in order to attach her to one of their own Houses? All Dee wants is to find the means to escape their oversight. But how can she, when the questions she has can only be answered by them?