Force Majeure #1

2014 DEBUT Force Majeure #1
Book Author(s) Keenan Marshall Keller
Publisher Drippy Bone Books
Book List Price $6
All-Ages Appropriate No
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from the files of Detective Chuck Narley


Chuck Narley is a cop. A fucking good cop. Scratch that… He’s the fucking best. And thank fuckin’ God he is so fucking good. ’cause Los Angeles is filled to the brim with fuckin’ loser wastoids, vile sexual predators, criminal masterminds and the violently insane… and things are only getting worse.

A new wave of murder mutilations grip the city in a fevered panic as an unknown group takes credit for the grisly murders with a promise of more to come.
They call themselves: Force Majeure.

Led by a charismatic madman whom seeks to bring madness, mayhem and mass murder upon Los Anegels and its weak minded citizens…

Their numbers are many. Their reach has no bounds. Their bloodlust… seemingly unquenchable!

Chuck takes this kinda shit personally. You don’t fucking mutilate and kill in his town. At least, not without a badge.

From the weirdo who brought you Galactic Breakdown comes a Karate Cop vs. Cult Killer freakout!!!!