Four Years Collected v.1

2019 DEBUT Four Years Collected v.1
Book Author(s) Kevin Czap
Publisher Czap Books
Book List Price $16
All-Ages Appropriate No
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In the right spot, how long does it take to bloom?

Betty Yaris finally gets her ears pierced at the age of 32. At last, she’s found a home with a group of friends who love each other. They love each other so much, their surroundings explode with beautiful flowers.

Betty’s had a vision of what her future could look like, four years down the line – a life she’s always dreamed of. This volume collects the first half of her story.

About the Artists
Kevin Czap is the Providence-based cartoonist behind Czap Books, and is the author of Fütchi Perf.

44 pages, Full Color
7” x 10” softcover, perfect-bound
ISBN 978-0-9906874-7-4