Freefall & Vespers

2013 DEBUT Freefall & Vespers
Book Author(s) Alexey Sokolin, Alexander Rothman
Publisher Self Published
Book List Price $9
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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This anthology features the work of Alexander Rothman (Vespers) and Alexey Sokolin (Freefall), created for the Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2013.

The constraints of the project — 14 pages of identical 8 panels each — provided a rigid structure in which to experiment and develop other creative elements. The artists’ work is tied together with the use of poetic language and unconventional imagery to construct playful, inventive narrative. For readers interested in abstract comics or comics poetry, this book delivers on both.

Alexander Rothman is a poet and cartoonist. His work has appeared in the Seneca Review, Moonshot Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, and online at The The and The Rumpus. He and the author Joshua Malbin cohost Comics for Grownups, a podcast available for free on iTunes. More work can be found at his website, He lives in Queens, New York, with the illustrator Andrea Tsurumi.

Alexey Sokolin is a New York-based artist and designer. He explores form, line and narrative using the language of urban abstraction and new media. His work was featured in Abstract Comics: The Anthology (Fantagraphics Books), and nominated for an Eisner award. His piece “Life, Interwoven” was highlighed as a Notable in 2010 Best American Comics. You can see his work at