Fuzzbuquet #1

2016 DEBUT Fuzzbuquet #1
Book Author(s) Hobbes Holluck
Publisher Self Published
Book List Price $5.00
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site http://www.fuzzbuquet.com


Fuzzbuquet is an all ages fantasy story about a monster with a very large heart and a very small brain. Fuzzbuquet, a kind hearted beast with big dreams, wishes to escape his family’s tradition of becoming a hero’s sidekick and fulfill his dream of becoming a cheese-maker. Unfortunately, Fuzzbuquet is a terrible cheese maker and his homemade cheese tends to induce nausea and diarrhea. When his cheese making business finally fails he unwisely decides to make ends meet by accepting the unlikely task of slaying a dragon. Lacking proper weapons and armor, he fashions a helmet out of a bucket and wields a sword made of his sharpest cheddar. With this, Fuzzbuquet embarks on a disastrous adventure of epic proportions.