Gawain and the Green Knight

2017 DEBUT Gawain and the Green Knight
Book Author(s) Emily Cheeseman
Publisher Self-published
Book List Price $30
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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It is New Year’s Day at King Arthur’s court, and a mysterious knight in green arrives at the holiday feast with a peculiar demand. He challenges anyone present to strike a blow against him with his fearsome great axe — but on the condition that, in one year’s time, he may deliver the same blow in return.

Sir Gawain, a knight of the Round Table, accepts the Green Knight’s challenge. Based on the 14th century Middle English poem and one of the great tales of the Arthurian Legend, Gawain’s story is a tale of courage no matter the consequence. His honor tested, his loyalty questioned, Gawain leaves Camelot in search of a place called the Green Chapel to keep his end of the Green Knight’s bargain.