Go Stuff! volume one

2016 DEBUT Go Stuff! volume one
Book Author(s) Faft
Publisher tba
Book List Price tba
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://faftkingdom.com


Go Stuff! is a challenging, surreal panel-style comic strip by Faft. For over 20 years, Faft has been venturing into the subconscious mind to produce a comic strip which is, among other things, sort of hilarious, tragic, disturbing, thought-provoking, idiotic, beautiful, crude, and wondrous – it could even be none of these things! Each time Faft sits down to create an instance of Go Stuff!, there are a few basic rules which quickly evolved for the artist: each Go Stuff! comic must start with a “title splash”; End with “the end”; There can be no changes or redoes once he begins; He cannot have any preconceptions or planning about the comic’s content; And, finally, any of these rules may be violated. Despite making a comic which has no intention of continuity or plot, a unique universe has evolved with recurring characters who have forced their way into Faft’s heart. As the result of the author’s talent for getting in his own way, this comic has not been seen by more than a handful of people, and at their urging, Faft has decided to compile the existing comics into an anthology, Go Stuff! volume one. If he doesn’t screw everything up, you might even get to see it for yourself!