Half Asleep Volume 3

2014 DEBUT Half Asleep Volume 3
Book Author(s) Beth Hetland & Kyle O'Connell
Publisher Beth Hetland & Kyle O'Connell
Book List Price $8.00
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site http://www.beth-hetland.com


At age 11 Ivy Lassette is the youngest student enrolled at the elite college, Ebony-Alerca. Ivy’s studies focus on Hypnology, an experimental discipline that teaches students how to access and inhabit their dream worlds with the same conscious control they experience in waking reality. Ivy’s world-renown and highly demanding professor also happens to be her mother, Dr. Michelle Lassette. Follow Ivy and Dr. Lassette as they navigate the layers of existence attempting to understand the world, each other, and themselves.

Volume 3 of an 8-part series. 44pgs, B/W with watercolor pages interspersed, tri-cover fold out.