Horrible Things

2015 DEBUT Horrible Things
Book Author(s) Jerry Z
Publisher Giant Industries
Book List Price $2.99
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I59BCBE


“Horrible Things: 101 Sick Ideas Never Seen on TV” is a satirical series of shocking color cartoon illustrations of bizarre and gross new products “Never Seen on TV.”

The book is featured exclusively on Kindle.

Categories of products include: Food, Clothing, Toys & Games, Household Items, and Scientific. Product examples include Salad on a Stick, The Hooter Scooter and The Edible Goiter.

The approximately 100 page soft-cover gift book featuring “men’s humor” has been described by New Yorker Cartoonist Sam Gross as “insane.” Travis Stewart of The Village Voice calls it “most funny…a wonderful gift book for the right person.” Initial Goodreads reviews by women are replete with the words “repulsive,” “gross” and “not fit for description.”

The book is illustrated by Emmy winning internet personality Jerry Z of the critically acclaimed, animated Its Jerry Time! website (http://itsjerrytime.com) where he did stories, narration and music for a series of beloved internet animations. Jerry is also a long-time cartoonist and comedy writer, illustrating gag panels for magazines, greeting cards and trading cards and is also a producer of comic events including comedy videos, performance art and art installations..