Horror Tapes

2017 DEBUT Horror Tapes
Book Author(s) Robert Young
Publisher Self Published
Book List Price $5
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://www.robertyoungillustration.com


When I was a kid, maybe seven or eight years old, some kid that I wanted to be friends with convinced me to leave the bowling alley I was at with my parents and go walk around town.  We went to a video rental store that had a really cool horror section with halloween decorations and a big cutout of Jason Voorhees.  We came back hours later and my parents had called the cops and all the bowling alley staff were running around looking for us.  That’s the basis for this book.  It’s about wanting to impress some shitty friend that just breaks you down and is abusive.  It’s about the terrible power that a kid has over you if he calls you a pussy because you don’t know that masculinity stuff is all bullshit yet.  It’s about being introduced to the wonder of horror movies at maybe too young an age.  It’s about wanting to pay tribute to some of the events and films that have shaped my artistic interests over the years.