I’m Not Here

2017 DEBUT I’m Not Here
Book Author(s) GG
Publisher Koyama Press
Book List Price $12.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://koyamapress.com


A woman torn between her family and her independence, unmoored between what is and what could be.

A young, second-generation woman wanders through her city and memories encountering the world through a camera’s lens; her independence pulled by the gravity of familial responsibility. She drifts until she encounters what could possibly be her potential self.

GG lives and works in the small Canadian prairie city where she grew up during the 1980s. In this pre-Internet era, isolated geographically and culturally, drawing and making up stories was the means to connect to something more. It was romantic and lonely. In 2016 she was included in The Best American Comics edited by Roz Chast.